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Plasma Cutter R-TECH P50HF

Plasma Cutter R-TECH P50HF
Plasma Cutter R-TECH P50HF

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Product Description

The R-Tech P50HF heavy duty Plasma Cutter features a massive 18mm genuine clean cut, high frequency pilot arc starting, pilot arc re-start and cost effective - long life consumables and 6M quick fit torch.

  • Built with class leading Siemens IGBT's - Not inferior Mosfets
  • HF pilot arc for easy starting even on painted surfaces and HF pilot re-start - ideal for cutting mesh etc.
  • 18mm Genuine clean cut on mild steel, 24mm Severance cut on mild steel
  • 13mm genuine clean cut on alloy and stainless steel
  • 50amp cutting power at a high duty cycle of 60%
  • Digital display for amps - Ideal if you need your equipment calibrating for ISO requirements
  • Industrial quality metal chassis
  • Comes as a complete kit all you need is a supply of compressed air and a 240V 32Amp supply
  • 3 year collect and return UK warranty
  • Quick Fit Euro Torch with long life consumables
  • Package Includes, R-Tech P50HF plasma cutter, 6m LT70 plasma cutter torch, earth lead, mains cable, air pressure regulator and PCL fitting, owners manual
  • Suitable plug required
Amperage Range 15 - 50A
 Input voltage/amps 240v 32A 
 Clean cut mild steel 18mm
 Severance cut mild steel 24mm
 Clean cut aluminum 13mm
 Clean cut stainless steel 13mm
 Air consumption 100Ltr/Min  (3.5CFM) @ 3.45 Bar (70PSI)
 Net weight 19KG  
 Dimensions 390 x 190 x 290 mm
 Post flow air Yes - Cools torch when cutting stopped
 HF Pilot Arc Starting Yes - Enables easy arc starting
 HF Pilot Arc Re-start Yes - Enables easy cutting of mesh
 Cooling fan Yes - Cooling fan with thermostatic protection 

  • Generator Friendly - Generator must be minimum of 12KVA 240V and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation)
  • HF pilot arc enables easy starting of cut - even on painted surfaces
  • Digital display for amps - Ideal if you need your equipment calibrating for ISO requirements.
  • Industrial quality metal chassis
  • Cooling fan with thermostatic protection
  • Quick Fit Torch with long life consumables
  • Handy Carry Strap 

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