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Automatic Bandsaw (BS-24A)

When looking for a production bandsaw, you must look at all the ways that the saw can save money over your current means. Baileigh Industrial took that into consideration when designing the BS-24A automatic band saw. The BS-24A has been constructed using only industrial grade com..

€42,166.00 Ex Tax: €34,281.30

Baileigh Coldsaw CS-250EU

If you are looking for a good all-around purpose built cold saw that won’t break the bank, look no further than the CS-250EU from Baileigh Industrial. The CS-250EU cold saw is a manually operated 10" circular cold saw that is built for medium grade production seen in most small fabrication shops,..

€2,398.50 Ex Tax: €1,950.00

Baileigh Coldsaw CS-275EU

Do you do light metal fabrication or chassis building? If so the CS-275EU could be the right saw for you. This 220V, 50Hz, 1-Phase circular cold saw features an 11” (279 mm) blade that turns at 54 rpm and has a 3-1/4” (83 mm) round capacity at 90 degrees, big enough for just about any chassis pro..

€2,712.77 Ex Tax: €2,205.50

Baileigh Hand Tube Bender RDB-10

The RDB-10 hand bender from Baileigh Industrial is perfect for bending air lines, brake lines, fuel lines, and general hydraulic lines.  If your job entails building or repairing race cars, auto and airplane repair or restoration, an automated machinery builder, you know the value of properl..

€982.77 Ex Tax: €799.00

Baileigh Manual Pipe Notcher TN-125M

Sometimes that need for a reliable manual pipe notcher pops up when you least expect it. That is where the TN-125M from Baileigh Industrial comes in. This ninety degree pipe notcher can be bolted to a bench or taken along to a job site. The TN-125M is built specifically for ¾”, 1”, and 1-1/4”..

€457.56 Ex Tax: €372.00

Baileigh Manual Pipe Notcher TN-150M

The TN-150M manual tube notcher has three set holes for three desired notches. The machine is manually operated with the blade notching a set 90 degree notch to one section of the tube. To create the second notch the tube is to be rotated 180 degrees with the same process then creating the overal..

€548.58 Ex Tax: €446.00

Baileigh Manual Pipe Notcher TN-50M

If you only need to notch small sizes of schedule 40 pipe, then the TN-50M manual pipe notcher is for you.  The TN-50M might be small but it sure delivers enough punch to cope ¼”, 3/8”, and ½” schedule 40 pipe.  This 90 degree manual notcher is perfect to take to job sites or just mount..

€467.40 Ex Tax: €380.00

Baileigh Manual Roll Bender R-M3

Ever have the need to work with small material under ¼”? If so the R-M3 from Baileigh Industrial might be you answer. The Baileigh Industrial R-M3 metal ring roller is perfect for any fabrication shop. The R-M3 roll bender makes precise bending small rod up to ¼” easy. Metal artists, technical sc..

€504.30 Ex Tax: €410.00

Baileigh Manual Tube Bender RDB-25

The RDB-25 manual tube bender is the perfect machine for those hobbyists that need to bend tube on a budget.  It is made from a sturdy cast iron frame and can be bench or pedestal mounted. The RDB-25 from Baileigh Industrial was designed to bend the most common sizes of tubing on safe center..

€418.20 Ex Tax: €340.00

Baileigh Metal Cutting Band Saw BS-712M

The BS-712MS is one of the most versatile horizontal bandsaws on the market. The design is based on the BS-712M, but with an added heavy-duty, cast iron swivel head to do its mitering instead of the vice. This feature allows for faster production times and less waste. The BS-712M..

€2,743.00 Ex Tax: €2,230.08

Baileigh Portable Metal Cutting Band Saw BS-128M

The BS-128M bandsaw from Baileigh Industrial is perfect for the home shop or hobbyist. But, just because this is an economical saw, doesn’t mean it is short on features. The BS-128M can either be run as a standard horizontal pivot style bandsaw or as a vertical bandsaw, by lifting the head 90 deg..

€1,045.50 Ex Tax: €850.00

Baileigh Radius Bender R-M7

Need to bend tube and pipe to large radii? Then Baileigh Industrial’s R-M7 radius bender is for you. Although not for rolling complete circles, the R-M7 does, make quick work of large radius bends. With many different tooling options, the R-M7 is just as versatile as all of the other Baileigh Ind..

€948.95 Ex Tax: €771.50

Dual-Mitering Semi-Automatic Bandsaw (BS-350SA)

The BS-350SA runs on 220 volt or 400 volt, 50hz power and has a cutting capacity of 267mm, but the best part of the BS-350SA is that is has a full cast iron head and bow can mitre 60° right and 45° left. The BS-350SA blade motor features a 2hp motor which is driven..

€8,473.00 Ex Tax: €6,888.62

Manual Bandsaw (BS-210M)

You can control the descent of the BS-210M in 2 ways: manually (with a trigger switch) or with a hydraulic descent feature—usually seen only on more expensive models. With a good mix of features at an economical price, this saw is ideal for small-to-medium machine shops ..

€2,869.00 Ex Tax: €2,332.52

Manual Bandsaw (BS-250M)

The BS-250M horizontal bandsaw from Baileigh Industrial is a great saw for any fabrication shop that cuts a variety of materials and profiles. The BS-250M is an inverter driven, variable speed bandsaw that allows the operator to precisely adjust the speed for the proper blade and..

€4,059.00 Ex Tax: €3,300.00

Manual Bandsaw (BS-916M)

The BS-916M horizontal bandsaw is based on the BS-300M, but with a smaller footprint for those shops that have limited space. Like all Baileigh Industrial bandsaws the BS-916M is built to last, with a full cast iron bed and fully welded base it can take punishment. An easy t..

€4,169.00 Ex Tax: €3,389.43