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17 Piece Punch Set - ET161

A comprehensive set of punches to cover most practical requirements. Including both non sparking brass pieces and others made from conventional hardened steel. 8 assorted steel pieces 8 assorted brass pieces 1 automatic centre punch ..

€26.47 Ex Tax: €21.52

3 Piece Spring 200mm Caliper Set - ET153

A trio of popular engineers measuring instruments, precision made from fine quality steel to ensure accuracy. 200mm spring dividers 200mm outside spring calipers 200mm inside spring calipers Knurled wheels for positive adjustment. ..

€16.73 Ex Tax: €13.60

5-Piece Long Drive/Pin Punch Set ET103

A useful set of 5 long drive pin punches for general engineering use. Comprises: 1/8", 3/16", ¼", 5/32",3/8" ..

€11.05 Ex Tax: €8.98

8-Piece Short Drive/Pin Punch Set - ET101

A comprehensive 8 piece short drive set for general engineering use. Comprises: 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", ¼", 5/16" ..

€7.97 Ex Tax: €6.48

Automatic Centre Punch - ET102

Hand pressure alone will operate this surface impacting and marking device. Adjusting the internal spring tension varies the depth of impression. Hardened & ground punch points No hammer required Point is easily removed for re-sharpening or replacement ..

€5.61 Ex Tax: €4.56

Clarke 400w Dirty Water Submersible Pump PSV3A & FREE Hose

With 10mtr Hose Ideal for heavy duty draining applications including pits, sumps, ditches, footings etc. Shifts both clean and dirty water including particles upto 35mm dia. Fitted with a float switch for automatic water level control. Max flow rate 133 l/min Max head (lift heig..

€145.14 €85.00 Ex Tax: €69.10

Clarke Champ 3 Air Compressor

Highly portable this 7cfm, 2HP air compressor is ideal for the hire and building trade. Common uses include on-site tasks such as fixing, spraying, inflating, cleaning etc. Easy to carry it is housed in a tough steel frame with a comfort grip handle. A central control panel includes air pressure reg..

€350.55 €262.85 Ex Tax: €213.70

4WD1 4-Way Distribution Box

110 volt supply split into 4 x 16A round pin socket outlets for on site use of power tools, lighting etc. Robust metal housing with off ground leg support. 2.5m cable length 2.5mm² cable cross section ..

€54.12 €47.36 Ex Tax: €38.50

CAT66 - 3" Air Cut Off Tool

Ideal for cutting car body panels, light sheet metal, nuts, bolts etc Operating pressure 6.2bar Nominal air consumption 4cfm Max speed 21,000 rpm Includes safety guard, safety trigger and speed regulator Weight: 0.9Kg ..

€35.67 Ex Tax: €29.00

Clarke CBB215B HD Plus 5 Drawer Tool Cabinet

For the ultimate in terms of tool storage and at a very competitive price, this top of the range HEAVY DUTY PLUS five drawer mobile tool cabinet displays super quality features from every angle. Truly unbeatable value for money.Great looking, big 5" industrial chrome spoked wheels for fantastic port..

€334.70 Ex Tax: €272.11

Clarke CCB2 Compact Floor Mounted Parts Bender

Controlled bending of metal bar and rod up to 180??ø to create all manner of shapes, components and structures. This floor mounted machine easily achieves the precise radius required by selecting from the different sized dies supplied.Round dies (mm) 25, 32, 38, 44, 51, 64, 76Right angle die also in..

€220.96 €145.00 Ex Tax: €117.89

Clarke Devil 6015 Industrial Electric Fan Heater (400V)

Clarkes 3-phase electric fan heater effectively and safely provides up to 15kW of heat output for numerous small & medium sized commercial and industrial premises.A rugged steel casing, with tough enamel finish ensures adequate protection against knocks & bumps.The thermostatically c..

€237.66 Ex Tax: €193.22

Clarke PS555 Gas Torch Kit

A six part LPG torch kit for use with propane gas, ideal for a variety of heating jobs including plumbing installations.Gas torch with twin action control valve.Pressure regulator.1mm & 25mm high intensity burner nozzles.22mm pipe heating shroud.2 metre supply hose with 3/8" (LH) connectors.All ..

€93.25 Ex Tax: €75.81

CW1D Floor Standing Parts Washer

The simplest way to clean component parts covered in oil, grease and dirt. The internal pump continuously circulates cleaning fluid, delivering it through the flexi-firm nozzle to just where it's needed. An essential product for any auto repair garage or engineering workshop. Floor standi..

€243.54 €178.66 Ex Tax: €145.25