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Automotive Hand Tools


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CHT243 Oil Filter Chain Wrench

This powerful chain wrench can access many of the more awkward and difficult to reach locations. Its strong grip will persuade even stubborn oil filters to yield to its turning force. •Traditional design with heavy duty chain •Chrome finished carbon steel shaft •Removes oil filters up to ..

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€4.61 ( Inc VAT) €3.75 ( Ex VAT)

CHT409 - 500ml Oil Can

For the accurate controlled delivery of lubricating oil and similar fluids through either a rigid or flexible hose. •Steel contruction including pressure pump •Reservior capacity 500ml   ..

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€6.03 ( Inc VAT) €4.90 ( Ex VAT)

CHT415 Wheel Brace

Traditional cross design incorporates all four popular wheel nut sizes and enables powerful two handed torque. Best choice for the helpful motorist. •Sizes 17mm, 19mm, 21mm & 13/16" dia. •Manufactured from heavy duty forged steel •Arm lengths 360mm ..

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€6.13 ( Inc VAT) €4.98 ( Ex VAT)

PRO54 7-Pce Metric Hex Key Set

A robust long arm ball end metric HEX key set in chrome vanadium steel with a holding clip. •Sizes: 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm   ..

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€6.79 ( Inc VAT) €5.52 ( Ex VAT)

CHT314 Universal 'O' Ring Set

A huge assortment of 419 rubber 'O' rings for various industrial and automotive applications. A most useful standby kit for that unexpected mechanical problem. Neatly presented in a purpose built storage case. •Size range from 3-50mm ID ..

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€22.93 ( Inc VAT) €18.64 ( Ex VAT)

Anti Fatigue Foam Floor Tiles (Pack of 6)

These interlocking foam tiles protect existing flooring and provide extra comfort & grip when walking, standing or even kneeling on a surface. Strong and durable they are ideal for use in many locations such as workshops, garages, kitchens, living rooms, bars and gyms. Supplied in a p..

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CHT270 3-Pce Gear Puller Set

This set of 3 multi-pivoted three legged extractors, made from tough heat treated drop forged carbon steel, can remove gear wheels of various sizes by either internal or external pulling. An ideal kit for the enthusiastic car mechanic. •Maximum spreads 120/170/220mm •Maximum reaches 73/100/..

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€45.76 ( Inc VAT) €37.20 ( Ex VAT)

PRO223 33 piece 3/8” Multi Fit Socket Set

High quality set includes a tough chrome vanadium steel 3/8” square drive ratchet handle, plus most common sizes of metric sockets. Multi drive chrome vanadium steel sockets can be used on several types of bolt including hex, double hexagon (12 point), spline, square and Torx. Ratchet handle is e..

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€58.62 ( Inc VAT) €47.66 ( Ex VAT)

PRO207 4pc Torque Limited Spark Plug Socket Set

Four piece set, made from heavy duty Chrome Vanadium steel. Ideal for fitting or removing spark plugs. Each socket contains a rubber insert for plug retention and protection. The torque limited clutch system prevents over-tightening, while full torque is transmitted in reverse for fast ..

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€93.33 ( Inc VAT) €75.88 ( Ex VAT)