Drilling - Bits & Rotary

Drilling - Bits & Rotary
Drilling - Bits & Rotary

A wide range of Drill Bits and accessories in stock. Choose from standard flat wood bits to auger bits. Next day delivery is available on all drill bits.

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Ruko Twist drill set in steel case HSS G A214214

Consisting of: 19 twist drills DIN 338 type N HSS ground. Ø 1,0 mm up to 10,0 mm in increments of 0,5 mm - High performance ground twist drill consisting of heavy-duty high speed steel. The fully ground twist drill has a more precise concentricity. ; Application areas: for steel, alloyed and unalloy..

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Ruko Ground Drill Bit Set

25-piece set of twist drills IN 338 type N. 1mm up to 13mm in increments of 0.5mm..

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Turbo Endurance+ Annular Cutter Sets

5 Pc Cutter Set, consisting of 1 each 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, short series Endurance Plus Cutters plus 2 x Pilot Pins in a Plastic Case. ..

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