Gas Cutting Machines

Gas Cutting Machines
Gas Equipment

Our Gas Equipment includes single and multi-stage regulators, cutting torches, hoses, flashback arrestors, nozzles and cutting tips, plus kits. We strive to offer only the best products from a variety of manufacturers including Parweld UK and SWP UK.

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Spare 1.8m Track

Spare Track for item 9502 (Straight Line Cutter) ..

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Ex Tax: €82.00

Circle Cutting Attachment

For use with 9502 (Straight Line Cutter) ..

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Ex Tax: €93.46

Pipe Cutting Machine

Effective pipe diameter 114–600mmø (4–24") by standard chain (2.4mm = 96") Over 600mmø by adding extra chain Cutting thickness up to 50mm (2") Cutting shape : Square and bevel (up to 45") Speed control Single Cone System Drive method Manual Nozzle A-NML 1∕32 and ..

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Ex Tax: €697.00

Straight Line Cutter

Specifications Cutting thickness 5–50mm (1∕4–2") Cutting speed 150–800mm Speed control Single Cone System Motor 1500rpm Power source AC 110 volt Weight 9.5kg (20.9lb) Nozzle A-NML 1∕32 and 3∕64 nozzles ..

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Ex Tax: €698.00