TIG Welders

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Parweld XTT 207DV Pulsed TIG Inverter - Ready To Weld Package

NEW DC Pulsed tig inverter, ideal for light Manufacture, maintenance and repair, agricultural DIY, sheet metal.Includes: Electrode HolderPro-Grip Max 26 Tig TorchReady To Weld Package:TIG Accessory KitHelmetPanther Tig GlovesTechnical InformationOutput Current - 5-200 A DCInput Voltage - 110V/2..

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TIG Welders
TIG Welders

TIG welding is primarily used for where the weld needs to be of a very high quality and high strength. An experienced TIG welder can create welds that are visually of a very high standard and which are often used for motor bike and bicycle frames, stainless steel stairs & stainless steel vehicle bull bars. TIG welding is also used extensively for welding aluminium such as for repairing alloy wheels and aluminium boat building.