Water Coolers

Water Coolers


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Parweld Hook up Kit

The hook up kit is designed to allow the torch or machine to be neatly connected to the water cooler. Each kit contains a water supply and drain hose with quick connectors to couple directly to the water cooler. On the opposite end are female quick connectors to accept the torch directly or by us..

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Ex Tax: €33.30

Parweld Ultra Cool Fluid for Water Cooler 10 Litre

Cooling fluid for the XTS902. Not only does it act as an antifreeze, more importantly it lubricates and helps prevent corrosion from developing, the biggest cause of pump impeller failure. UltraCool contains special additives to lubricate the pump and prevent corrosion in all parts of the sys..

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Ex Tax: €34.66

Parweld XTS 902 Dual Voltage Water Cooler

Free standing water cooling unit Dual Voltage 110/240V Suitable for use with MIG and TIG Plant up to 500A Available with Flow Switch to Protect the Torch Quick Connectors for Rapid Hook Up Small Foot Print allows location on the Cylinder Stand of Machines No Pump Priming Required ..

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Ex Tax: €528.00