Fume Extraction

Fume Extraction

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PVC Ducting for the CAM250

A really useful length of flexible PVC ducting for the Clarke CAM250 Ventilator. Used with the CAM250 allows for particular locations or areas within a building to be ventilated.   5M length x 250mm dia. Flexible & retractable for more convenience in use & in storag..

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€61.81 ( Inc VAT) €50.25 ( Ex VAT)

PVC Ducting for the CAM200

PVC ducting to compliment the Clarke CAM200 Ventilator. It enables air to be drawn from more specific areas such as work benches or particular pieces of equipment. •5M length x 200mm dia. •Flexible & retractable for handy storage •Greatly increases the usability of the CAM200 ..

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€62.73 ( Inc VAT) €51.00 ( Ex VAT)

PVC Ducting for the CAM300

By fitting this additional ducting, the CAM300 Ventilator can be used to deliver clean air or extract stale, dusty or fume filled air from more specific locations such as individual workbenches, machines etc. 5M length x 300mm dia. Flexible & retractable - convenient in use &..

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€69.97 ( Inc VAT) €56.89 ( Ex VAT)

CAM200 - Portable Ventilator

Clarke's high performance portable ventilator fan has been specifically designed for use in commercial, industrial & agricultural environments. It ensures a constant flow of fresh, clean air by rapidly extracting stale or dust filled air. It can even be used to extract non-flammable fumes too..

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€175.88 ( Inc VAT) €142.99 ( Ex VAT)

CAM300 - Portable Ventilator

Rapidly remove fume filled, dusty or stale air and ensure a much fresher environment in all manner of different commercial & industrial premises with this powerful ventilator / extractor.   Huge 2070cfm (977 L/s) airflow rate 392 Watt, 230v motor 300mm dia. fan ..

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€190.18 ( Inc VAT) €154.62 ( Ex VAT)

CAM250 - Portable Ventilator

CAM250 - It's ideal for ventilating so many different commercial environments including factories, workshops, warehouses and agricultural sheds. Huge air flow rate ensures that dusty, stale or fume filled air is rapidly removed to be replaced by cleaner, more breathable air.   Hi..

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€190.65 ( Inc VAT) €155.00 ( Ex VAT)

Tig Torch WP26 8M Superflex

WP26 Air Cooled 8m Tig Torch complete with switch and plug for R-Tech TIG with 7 Pin Plug R-Tech Super flex torch with flexible head and ultra flexible leather sheath Rated at 200Amps DC, 150 Amps AC For all R-Tech machines with 7 Pin plug ..

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€221.40 ( Inc VAT) €180.00 ( Ex VAT)