Air Compressors 240V

Air Compressors 240V
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Clarke Bandit IV 8 Litre Air Compressor + FREE 5 Piece Air Tool Kit

The Bandit IV, 8 litre portable compressor is ideal for DIY and trade applications such as decking, carpentry, flooring, fencing, panelling, craftwork etc. thanks to its impressive 8 litre capacity, 4.5cfm air displacement and 8bar maximum working pressure. This compact compressor is also ideal f..

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Clarke Wiz Mini Air Compressor

If you’re looking for a compressor to provide oil free air for air brush work – here it is. It is exceptionally light and ultra quiet - less than 55db, which about as noisy as your average office. This maintenance free model includes a carry handle, on/off switch, rubber feet, gauge and pressure rel..

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Predator 2HP 50L Direct Drive Compressor with FREE 5 Piece Air Tool Kit

Motor: 2HP 1.5kW Tank: 50L Pressure: 8BAR 115PSI Capacity :192L/min 6.7CFM Speed: 2800RPM Weight: 40KG Free Kit Includes: 1 x Spray Gun 1 x Tyre Inflator 1 x Blow Gun 1 x Air Hose 1 x Engine Clean Gun ..

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Clarke Ranger 6/500 2hp 50 Litre Oil Free Air Compressor

Great value oil free compressor suitable for DIY and trade applications. Use for spraying (automotive bodywork, fences, sheds etc), nailing/stapling, cleaning etc. Ideal for powering spray guns, air tools and a wide range of airline accessories for inflating, blowing, cleaning etc. With twin air out..

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Clarke Panther 10/500 2.5hp 50 Litre Air Compressor

High output direct drive air compressor. Suitable for workshop and DIY applications such as spraying (paint, varnish, preservatives etc.), nailing, stapling, polishing, sanding and garage use. 2.5hp 50Hz Motor - 230V50 Litre Air Receiver Capacity9.5cfm air displacement8 bar (116psi) maximum press..

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Clarke Champ 3 Air Compressor

Highly portable this 7cfm, 2HP air compressor is ideal for the hire and building trade. Common uses include on-site tasks such as fixing, spraying, inflating, cleaning etc. Easy to carry it is housed in a tough steel frame with a comfort grip handle. A central control panel includes air pressure reg..

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SWP 2HP - 50 Litre Lubricated Air Compressor

Cast iron cylinder block for longer durability Large heavy duty wheels for all terrains Twin pressure outlets and gauges Twin front legs c/w shock absorbers for reduced vibration and good stability Plastic motor and cylinder cowl for extra protection Convenient c..

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Clarke Raider 15/500 3hp 50 Litre Air Compressor

A powerful direct drive air compressor. Suitable for workshop and DIY applications such as spraying (paint, varnish, preservatives etc.), nailing, stapling, polishing, sanding and garage use. With twin air outlets for increased versatility.Technical specificationAir Tank Volume 50 LitresAir Displac..

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The XE15 Blue Line industrial air compressor offers long term reliability and performance for a wide variety of commercial users. Built in overload protection ensures maximum motor safety whilst the solid construction of this highly efficient, slow running, ‘V’ belt drive unit affords dependable ser..

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Clarke Boxer 14/200 200 Litre Belt Driven Air Compressor (230V)

The Boxer 14/200 200 litre belt driven air compressor is a great value, high performance compressor ideal for powering all commonly used air tools and spray equipment. Featuring a large 200 litre receiver and single stage, two cylinder pump, this 3hp unit is the perfect compressor a wide range of ap..

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270Ltr Clarke Industrial Air Compressor (OL) - SE29D270

The Clarke SE29D industrial air compressor provides the ideal solution for those operators requiring a greater volume of compressed air but are limited to 230v, 1-phase power supply. This heavy duty unit is fitted with twin compressor pump & motor units to deliver up to 28cfm of compressed ai..

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