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File Set 3pce 250mm

Includes flat, round and half-round second cut files. Soft-grip handles with hanging hole. ..

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CHT486 6-Piece File Set

A set of six popular steel files and wood rasps. Includes flat, round & half round files. All 200mm long. Fitted with plastic handles. ..

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CHT413 - 225mm No.4 Jack Plane

Traditional carpenter's hand tool for smoothing, shaping and edge skimming timber 225mm cast iron body with milled base and faces. Adjustable shaving depth. 50mm steel blade hardened and tempered. ..

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CHT128 11-Pce Metal File Set

These tough steel files comes in a range of shapes for general engineering & metalwork, with both long & short pieces each fitted with a comfortable moulded handle. •5 files 8" long. •6 files 4" long. ..

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CHT272 4-Pce Heel Bar Set

A set of 4 hardened steel heel bars for the accurate placing of heavy machines and components with the minimum of effort. Long high tensile shafts each with one pointed and one heeled to enable fine positional adjustment under full control. Bar lengths - 150, 300, 410 & 510mm ..

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