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Eco-Liter Rechargeable Lamp

Perfect for walking around the farm, house and with the dog, in fact it is bright and light enough for everybody. Has a superb 300 metre spot beam with a duration time of 4 hours and a rapid recharge. Supplied complete with charger. Spec: Spot Beam with Krypton Bulb High Power 300m Bea..

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Smartlite Rechargeable Lamp

The 6volt 10amp Smartlite is the middle power in the range and features a streamlined, reinforced plastic case for use in the most rugged of applications. Contents Smartlite Lamp Mains Charger Instruction Leaflet ..

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Ex Tax: €150.00

Clubman Deluxe Rechargeable Lamp

The 1 million c/p Clubman Deluxe is Clulite's ultimate power package. It has a piercing spot beam and detachable head shining up to 1000m. Contents Power Pack 12 Volts 7amp/hr Head Assembly Mains Charger Shoulder Strap Head Handle Lead for vehicle charging ..

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Ex Tax: €230.00

Durofix Li-ion 10.8V Digital Inspection Camera

3” Colour LCD – 320 x 240 display resolution 2.5X Digital Zoom – 11 settings to adjust image size Illumination Control – 5 settings to change LED brightness Video Out – Real time video from camera to transfer into displays View Flip – 2 settings to reverse inspecting i..

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