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Gas Equipment

Our Gas Equipment includes single and multi-stage regulators, cutting torches, hoses, flashback arrestors, nozzles and cutting tips, plus kits. We strive to offer only the best products from a variety of manufacturers including Parweld UK and SWP UK.

The most professional among the little autogenous welding kits with disposable bottles. Compact in an elegant metal carrier for a highly effective welding. This Turbo Set gives a greater flexibility for welding, brazing, silver soldering and heating applications, through a selection of 5 different n..
(Ex VAT)€295.00
Perfect for repairing small to medium-sized damage on plastic parts, the Power-TEC Plastic Welding Kit is suited to both general garage and workshop use, where a quick and robust repair is necessary. Cordless with piezo ignition, the butane-gas powered welder is small, convenient, and ideal for weld..
(Ex VAT)€138.00
Extreme Swirl Technology Faster brazing times and less gas consumption Generates more heat than other hand torches Higher heat levels, in a short amount of time, enable the pros to quickly complete the job.  ..
€85.49 €111.93
(Ex VAT)€69.50
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