20 Litre Oxygen

20 Litre Oxygen
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Industrial Oxygen - 20 Litre (UN1072) REFILL

NOTE: When you order a refill from us we will organise collection of the EMPTY bottle the next working day with Fastway. This bottle needs to be given to the Fastway driver no matter if driver has your NEW bottle. The NEW bottle could arrive a day after collection. The NEW bottle could arriv..

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Ex Tax: €75.00

Upgrade from 10L Oxygen to 20L Oxygen

*This price is including credit for your smaller cylinder*Industrial grade oxygen is commonly used with a fuel gas (propylene) for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering as it supports combustion and gives a much higher flame temperature than if air was used. For cutting with oxygen an oxy-fuel fla..

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Ex Tax: €140.00

Industrial Oxygen - 20 Litre (UN1072) - 1st Bottle

This is for your first purchase of gas and includes Rental Free bottle, gas and 1 way carriage Large Volume User 20ltr - Industrial Oxygen O2  Filled to 200 BAR or 2900 PSI @ 15C Industrial grade oxygen is commonly used with a fuel gas (propylene)..

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Ex Tax: €175.00