Baileigh Roll Benders

Baileigh Roll Benders
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Baileigh Manual Roll Bender R-M3

Ever have the need to work with small material under ¼”? If so the R-M3 from Baileigh Industrial might be you answer. The Baileigh Industrial R-M3 metal ring roller is perfect for any fabrication shop. The R-M3 roll bender makes precise bending small rod up to ¼” easy. Metal artists, technical sc..

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Ex Tax: €410.00

Baileigh Radius Bender R-M7

Need to bend tube and pipe to large radii? Then Baileigh Industrial’s R-M7 radius bender is for you. Although not for rolling complete circles, the R-M7 does, make quick work of large radius bends. With many different tooling options, the R-M7 is just as versatile as all of the other Baileigh Ind..

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Ex Tax: €771.50