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Baileigh Pipe Notchers
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Baileigh Manual Pipe Notcher TN-125M

Sometimes that need for a reliable manual pipe notcher pops up when you least expect it. That is where the TN-125M from Baileigh Industrial comes in. This ninety degree pipe notcher can be bolted to a bench or taken along to a job site. The TN-125M is built specifically for ¾”, 1”, and 1-1/4”..

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Ex Tax: €372.00

Baileigh Manual Pipe Notcher TN-50M

If you only need to notch small sizes of schedule 40 pipe, then the TN-50M manual pipe notcher is for you.  The TN-50M might be small but it sure delivers enough punch to cope ¼”, 3/8”, and ½” schedule 40 pipe.  This 90 degree manual notcher is perfect to take to job sites or just mount..

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Ex Tax: €380.00

Baileigh Manual Pipe Notcher TN-150M

The TN-150M manual tube notcher has three set holes for three desired notches. The machine is manually operated with the blade notching a set 90 degree notch to one section of the tube. To create the second notch the tube is to be rotated 180 degrees with the same process then creating the overal..

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Ex Tax: €446.00

Pipe & Tube Notcher - Up to 2"

The TN-200M is the monster of the Baileigh Industrial manual pipe notcher line. This manual pipe notcher has the ability to notch 1-1/2” and 2” schedule 40 pipe at 90 degrees. Like all Baileigh Industrial notchers the TM-200M is built to last, fully machined housing and high chromium blades ..

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Ex Tax: €523.75