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Baileigh Tube Benders
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Baileigh Manual Tube Bender RDB-25

The RDB-25 manual tube bender is the perfect machine for those hobbyists that need to bend tube on a budget.  It is made from a sturdy cast iron frame and can be bench or pedestal mounted. The RDB-25 from Baileigh Industrial was designed to bend the most common sizes of tubing on safe center..

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Ex Tax: €340.00

Baileigh Hand Tube Bender RDB-10

The RDB-10 hand bender from Baileigh Industrial is perfect for bending air lines, brake lines, fuel lines, and general hydraulic lines.  If your job entails building or repairing race cars, auto and airplane repair or restoration, an automated machinery builder, you know the value of properl..

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Ex Tax: €799.00